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Middle finger cookie cutter

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Know exactly what you want to say to that windpipe of a boss, that bitchy friend, or that jerk of an ex, but you don’t want to waste your breath? How bout do it in a deliciously wicked way with the poignant and well understood middle finger ala cookie style. Mix in some bitter-sweet morsels to really send home the message you’re conveying. Heck you could mix up one batch and single-handedly get out all your pent-up pint-size aggressions throughout the entire office. You might think that this middle finger cookie cutter is too trendy, too fad-dish to actually make it out of the drawer. Here’s the deal, leave it sitting on the kitchen counter, bets are that within a week, you will find someone you want to send a sweet F*** Off too perfectly wrapped up with a bow. This may be the cookie cutter you end up using the most year-round.

Item measurements:

Depth: 15mm
Longest Side: roughly 100mm

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