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Chewbacca Cookie Cutter

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Item measurements:

Depth: 15mm

9.2cm high

5.0cm wide

Please be advised the watermark and white lines through the design images will not be included on the actual product.

Available Styles:

Cutter & Embosser Style

This style will allow you to emboss (press in) the outline of the image into fondant or cookie dough. The majority of our cookie cutter and embosser sets are 3D printed and made from food safe PLA+ (an environmentally safe and renewable plastic). Where more detail is required, we may choose to laser cut the embosser from acrylic which will allow for finer detail.

Cutter & Debosser/Raised Outline

This style will leave a raised impression of the image outline on fondant, generally between 1.5mm to 2.5mm high - its important to note that some designs are quite fine an may only leave a subtle impression, around 0.5mm to 1mm high. Debossers are not recommended for cookie dough. The Cookie cutter component is made using PLA+. The debossing tool is made from 3mm or 4.5mm cast acrylic. The acrylic height will be based on our discretion and available materials.

Cutter & Colour Stamp

This style is designed to allow you to create crisp, clean colours using different coloured fondant. It is recommended that some areas are still hand painted, for example darker colours and metallics, and finer details. This style is recommended for experienced creators, or creators who have patience and are willing to practice the technique.

This style is similar to the embosser, however it is made from acrylic and is designed to hold up to consistent use. Like the raised outline style, the cookie cutter component is made using PLA+ and the debosser tool is cut from cast acrylic.

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Cutter only

Perfect if you are a royal icing aficionado and have no need for an embosser or debosser! If you select the cutter only option you will receive a 3D printed outline cutter only.